About the Author

Reviving the Reformation is written by an author who is conservative but sees Christianity and Judaism through a different lens than most. Daniel Lang is the son of a nominally religious Jewish father and a devout Gentile Christian mother—a surgeon and nurse who met at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. His mother was a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and had hoped to be a missionary in a third world country before love and World War II redirected her life.

The author was raised in a small Midwestern town. He attended Hebrew school and was bar mitzvahed in the town’s only (conservative) synagogue. Dan could never understand his mother’s Gentile Christian presentation of the Messianic faith even though she did help to instill in him a strong faith in the God of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible). Growing up, Dan would cringe when he heard the name “Jesus,” and “Christ” would send shivers up his spine. After being introduced to the messianic prophecies in high school, he saw that Yeshua filled the shoes of the expected Jewish Messiah.

Dan is a physician who has been actively working as a primary care internist for over twenty-eight years.